Friday, 28 September 2007

Where Have All Your Players Gone?

This from the Coventry Telegraph quoting Dowie ahead of tomorrow’s game: "I had a great time there and have no problem because I can look everyone in the eye from the chairman to the players who are still there."

Now Iain, I’m glad to hear that there are no problems between you and Murray; really there’s no hard feelings on our part either (life’s too short to keep going over old ground, like Traore and Hasselbaink). But exactly who are these players you refer to that you can look in the eye? I think you’ll find they just ain’t with us anymore; they were shown the exit door not long after your good self. So you just have to try to look Andy Reid in the eye. (This sounds like a good song for the game, to the tune of Where Have All The Flowers Gone? - yes, I know everyone else is too young to remember 60s ditties like that.)

And finally, Iain, a word of advice. According to the paper, one of your key decisions for Saturday will be “whether to play keeper Andy Marshall - whose magnificent save from Fraizer Campbell proved crucial (against Man Utd) - or revert to Dimi Konstantopoulos, who shipped three goals at home to Bristol City and four at Ipswich.” Looks like a no-brainer to me, Iain, which is just as well.

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charlton north-downs said...

Very good point Blackheath. This current team is definitely Pardews