Tuesday 18 May 2010

It Don't Change Nothing, Not A Thing

Just over a week ago we had around 15 minutes when the dream of promotion was alive. Tonight we had longer and this time it hurts badly. We all know the financial consequences of not going up and just how many of those who trudged off at the end will take to the pitch for us next season remains to be seen. Plan B is going to have to come out of the drawer and I guess it isn’t going to be nice. Whatever. It’s done. And I’m still glad that we aren’t owned by those disgraceful Thunderbirds puppet rejects who are showing what they are made of. I hope Zola doesn’t settle and takes them to the cleaners in the courts.

I hope no-one’s looking for a proper match report. There just aren’t any words. The first half we played superbly, all through the team, and rounded it all off with what would have been a contender for goal of the season (although I’m glad that went to the second against Brentford, which alone justifies splashing out on another DVD that will ultimately be painful to watch). Swindon weren’t playing the same sort of game they had on Friday night (having been off to Amsterdam I’d missed out on the tickets but found a prime spot in front of a big screen) and we’d truly taken the game to them.

It was always going to be a little different in the second half, with them having time to regroup. But with the goals in the bag – and then what if I was reasonable I’d say was a tough sending off (he only got Burton in the chest; the Palace player against Sheff Wed got the goalkeeper in the throat and only saw yellow), which isn’t to say I didn’t howl for it – it was all falling into place. I thought then that even if they got one back at the death, 11 against 10 through extra time should be good enough; and I also thought we’d be able to see out the game and perhaps get another to really finish things off in style.

It just all fell apart. There’s no point laying blame. Yes, Bailey should have played the ball out left instead of cutting in and losing it, but how did we get caught short at the back with the game at that stage? Their goal was bad enough, but with Llera taking one for the team with another breakaway (no real complaints over that one) suddenly it was all square in numbers and into extra time. The game could have gone either way during the additional 30 minutes. They put one wide of the post and, although without Mooney and Reid we were less effective going forward (there was always going to be a need for fresh legs), we had the chance with just a few minutes left. Burton, who’d been excellent all night, put it agonisingly wide of the post.

Penalties? Cruel when you’re on the losing end. Only one miss in 10 but that was enough for them. There’ll be time enough tomorrow and in the days ahead for fair reflection, assessment of players’ seasons, thoughts about just how many will be let go/sold, and what will be realistic expectations for the next campaign. Tonight is just about being miserable as sin and even the cognac tastes sour. We were unlucky, the players gave everything they had, but we had it in our hands and couldn’t hold it. To call tonight a failure is harsh; it wasn't, but the season is. We know the reality is that its a fourth season in a row that’s turned out as bad as we could have feared. And the consequences are going to be tough.

So sod it. I’ll be there next season and bring it on. Well, I’ve already bought the season ticket so what the bloody hell else am I going to do? Charlton ‘til I die and tonight we paid back a little more for those years in clover. Let's have some time to mope and weep. But it don’t change nothing, not a thing.


ChicagoAddick said...

Well said BA. Nothing changes a jot. I'll support this bloody lot whatever.

By the way the Sauv Blanc has improved actually. The 2nd bottle is always the best..

Ken Jennings said...

i think i'm on my third.
and i'm proud of the lads.

Dave said...

Well said BA. They are still our club and we will support them come what may. Time to get behind the club as we rebuild.

Anonymous said...

As usual BA every thought you had mirrored my own. Reckon we were separated at birth!

bet we'd have lost in the final anyway.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get a complex now, this is my fourth year in France, and ever since I left Blighty, its been downhill all the way. I personally found last night one of the hardest to bear, as I can't remember such a critical game previously where it looked so comfortable (leading against 10, with 20 mins to go AT HOME!)only to throw it away.
Thanks very much for the excellent blogs BA, its always a pleasure to keep up with events by proxy via your site. I, (like the rest of us)will of course be there (in spirit) next season, lets hope we're not sharing the pain again.

La France

Burgundy Addick said...

Thanks for the comments guys, this time and all times before. I've always thought that a problem shared is a problem doubled, but some collective misery will do for today. Probably for a few days.

Jack said...

Excellent blog again this season,thank you!

There were a lot of new faces in the crowd last night and as that is where most of our revenue will come from next season I hope they return.

It was very close and yet no banana, I await my season ticket and whatever others think of Phil P he does motivate the team who seem to support and think a lot of him. We were only a few points of automatic promotion and lost out on penalties in a play-off, we've lost fewer games this season than since the 30's. I hope he stays as I don't know who else is available.
Roll on the start of the season.

nelson said...

Yeh, I've always thought that a problem shared is a waste of time but on this occasion I have to say that all the positive postings after our season ended so abruptly on Monday night have done me a world of good.
And thanks for all your posts this year BA, they have helped to ease the relative isolation in this other valley of mine.

Uttlesford Addick said...

Cheers BA sorry I couldn't share the cognac on Monday.

Having not been to many home games this season I guess you season ticket holders must have felt a bit cheated wondering why it took a play-off semi-final to get a performance like the first half from the team.

I comfort myself with the fact that I saw a good game with a great atmosphere and losing at Wembley to our friends down theroad would have felt worse.

Lanterne Rouge said...

A great blog and hope you make it up into the Championship next year. Charlton has to be one of the best away trips there is.

As a Reading fan, I'd be interested to know what you think of Dave Mooney: would you want him permanently? Nicky Forster was also a God to us but must be on his last legs now. Every time Sam Sodje went in for a challenge at the Madejski, one expected him to be sent off.

Burgundy Addick said...

Lanterne Rouge, thanks for the comments. Well done in turning your season around and looking like stabilising after the drop down, something that we didn't manage.

Mooney to me seems a real asset and we'd like to keep him; but I doubt there's the money available. Depends on just how many out of contract we shed (14 I believe of which six have already departed). He's an intelligent player and links up play very well. He's not blessed with pace, however, and isn't (at least as yet) a natural poacher, so a lot depends on who he plays with to get the best combination. If he goes back to you it's with our best wishes.

Forster as you suggest is close to the end of a fine career and I can't see us trying to keep him. Sam Sodje usually did get sent off, but he's a cut above most in what has to remain our division and there's no doubting his commitment.

I'm going to have to start posting again soon, just haven't had the heart for it over the past couple of weeks.