Friday 22 April 2016

Support the Protests And Red, White and Black Day

I see the club has announced that tomorrow's game will be the 22nd Red, White and Black Day. Apparently there will be the presentation of a couple of Community Achievement Awards on the pitch, while pupils from Plumcroft Primary School are to be ready to welcome the players out of the tunnel.

This could of course have been planned for weeks/months and it's just coincidence that the designated day coincides with what the world and his dog know will be extensive protests organised by CARD. Just as it could have been coincidence earlier this season when an announced protest was followed by a designated family day at The Valley. If it is coincidence, fair enough. Just that nobody would put it past Ms Meire and any cronies left to try to muddy the waters. Too clever by half yet again? If this is the case it isn't clever, it is shameful.

No matter, this is a good opportunity for us to demonstrate that there is absolutely no conflict between fully supporting Charlton's long-standing involvement in the Kick It Out campaign - which began long before the current regime arrived and will continue long after they have gone - and full support for CARD and the desire to accelerate a change of ownership.

I hope that I can get another Kick It Out sticker to go with my collection from previous years, that the representatives from the Community Trust, the Charlton's women's team, and the representatives from other groups are given a warm and well-deserved welcome and show of appreciation. Of course I also hope that each person on the pitch is introduced separately, so that Ms Meire can appreciate the contrast between our backing for their work and our desire to see her leave our club (not because of personal animosity, or some other unacceptable reason, but because of who she represents and what she has said and done).

I also hope that all those invited turn up wearing black and white scarves. If this is a ploy by the club to try to drive a wedge between protestors and non-protesting Addicks, by trying to present the former as driven by unacceptable motives, let's not fall for it. Instead let's use the opportunity to drive home the point that the protests are driven by what we see as the interests of our club, nothing else.

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