Thursday 3 May 2007

Something Springs Eternal

I suppose it's hope but I'm just not sure. Barring some drunken revelation this will probably be my last post before we are either relegated or off to Anfield with a fresh spring in our step (barring an attack of conscience on the part of the authorities re West Ham). In football, as in everything else, success and failure is relative: if we stay up we will celebrate and end the season in triumph; by contrast Man Utd fans will feel mixed emotions at best after their latest Champions' League 'failure', Chelsea fans will see the season as a definite failure, so will Liverpool fans if they lose their final against Milan, and for Arsenal fans failure is a done deal.

It's impossible to be positive or negative about the Spurs game ahead of the others' results on Saturday. But to look on the bright side it can be easier for a bad/an average team to win two final games than to say get 10 points from five games. We are down to the last two games, so there is no excuse for leaving anything in the tank.

It would be nice to think that we can go out and outclass Spurs. But more important is that we go out and dominate them. It means being up for a fight (not literally HH) and showing such commitment that Spurs are cowed. Sounds horrible, but that's really what Sheff Utd did to us. If we win that battle the rest can follow.

I don't know what this means in terms of team selection. That's Pardew's job (and whatever opinions we express we can never know what really goes on behind the scenes). It isn't about building a team any more, it's about winning two games of football by whatever means. We have blown a good chance over the last four/five games. If Saturday gives us another I hope the players will have the character to grab it.

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