Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Welcome Nicky

I should have known. Tweak god's tail and the chances are something's going to slap you in the face and it ain't going to be good. Thanks a bundle Pards. We've signed Todorov - surprising as regards where it leaves us with strikers but might be good. Thought that was the contents of the official newsflash. Seems we've also signed a goalkeeper. Nicky Weaver. How did I know this was going to happen?

Look Al, if it makes you feel good then fine. I will forward to you the fall-out I'll have to deal with and will send my shrink's bills for the next few years. And did you check with Charlton fans about how they feel about him? Well, I guess you took a chance with Ben Thatcher and we were desperate at the time. This time around you are taking chances - not with our loyalty (that's given) but with our sanity.

What else to say? First, I hope the fact we've signed a lard-arse failure who went out of his way to upset us, and who delighted us with his subsequent screw-ups, means that Randolph is the number one choice to start next season.

Second, I hope that Nicky Weaver takes a leaf out of Kevin Lisbie's book and does the opposite when it comes to comments that endear you to the fans. Come on, we're not robots, make us laugh and tell us you didn't mean it and that you've always treasured playing at The Valley - or better still tell us you were looking for a retirement home and have found it.

Third, it would appear that Pards is going to go out of his way and do the exact opposite of whatever I suggest on this blog. So don't, whatever you do, under any circumstances, sign Ronaldinho.


Lungrot said...

When we were promoted in 1998, we had Sasa Ilic, who was absolutely brilliant until he suffered his head injury. The next time we went up, it was with Keily, who was the best goalkeeper outside the Premiership, and then, for a few seasons, I believe, the best goalkeeper IN the Premiership. Now we hope to achieve promotion with.... Oh dear, Nicky Weaver. The only thing I can say about him is that at least the guy's got courage coming to us. His first blunder won't go down too well. Your Man City chum must be having a laugh about this.

Anonymous said...

He may not be the most popular guy at The Valley but I can understand Pardew's logic. The 20 Prem clubs typically want at least 3 quality keepers, so we either had to a) take a chance with Randolph, b) take a chance with a promising young keeper from the lower leagues, or c) sign a Prem reject.

At least Weaver is free and somewhat 'proven' - he was first choice in the Prem for much of last season which must mean something. And unlike Maik Taylor for example, he's only 28.

Anonymous said...

I blame you for this, Mr. Addicted. I suspect Mr. Pardew has been too busy with pre-season training to read the 'released' papers, so no doubt he noticed Mr Weaver's availability when reading your blog.

It seems odd we would let one overweight disinterested player go (Mr Fat PiggyBaink), only to sign another. Perhaps there's an EU waster quota we'd somehow slipped below by letting Mr Lisbie and JFH leave. If so, signing Mr Weaver presumably means Mr Rommedahl and Mr Bent(M) are now free to pursue their careers elsewhere.