Saturday, 5 April 2008

Glass Topped Up Again

Ha! Serves the lot of us bloody right. I hope Alan Pardew allows himself a little chuckle on the coach back home. He's earnt it. After this surely nobody can question the commitment of the players - or their willingness to fight for the manager.

Match reports will have to come from those who saw the game - and if I was one of them I'd be bribing the coach driver to stop off at an offie on the way back and sod informing the rest of us that didn't go (work commitments, lack of enthusiasm from others ...). It's just great to get a reminder why we are supporters.

Then you take a look at the league table. If it weren't for that bloody silly Wolves winner we would be sitting in a play-off place (albeit with others having games in hand). As Charlton North Downs has stressed it's the hope that gets you in the end. But if feels good enough for now. Why didn't Reading give us Lita at the start of January and why did it take so many games to work out that he seems to play best alongside Iwelumo?


Ken Jennings said...

...and why haven't we played with 10 men all season? :-)

Anonymous said...

As I have repeatedly said he only ever needed to do 2 things
drop Ambrose and play 442
We would have gone up by now if he had done that from the start of the season

Anonymous said...

agreed, during the 2nd half of the Wolves game when SAP swapped Ambrose for ZZ on the righ wing (maintaining Semedo in midfield)I truly believe Pards stunbled across his best team formation!

Keep it up lads.

(the effort not the ball) :-0)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, every thing is right with the world at this moment.

A look at the table just makes one want to scream at the dropped points.

I have no doubt it is a crushing reminder to AP and the squad of what could have been.

If the team can keep winning to the end and settle on a style and players it will be great for next season.

Who knows, someone slips up we are back in there.

Open the bottle BA get Cohen fired up it ain't over till the Fat lady sings....

Anonymous said...

Just found you through the inspector's blog. Great blog you have going here....Keep up the good work. Will be checking in here everyday now !!

Anonymous said...

Lets not get carried away guys. Great win but the problems highlighted by lots of people in this (excellent job BA) blog are still there.

I agree with the guy who said get rid of AP and the players with no back bone (half the team) and rebuild.

Paul Ince will be loking for a (big) step up, could do worse!