Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Last Ditch Plea

So Sky is reporting that we have agreed terms with Bournemouth for the sale of Kermorgant. I always like to keep posts short, so let’s confine this one to a few messages. To Duchatelet, you are out of your mind if you think this makes sense, unless your vision for the club includes indifference to relegation. To Kermit, please don’t go, you don’t have to agree terms. That said, if you do decide to sign nobody will blame you given what seems to be going on. To Sir Chris, we hope you keep the faith and the team spirit intact. The supporters are behind you, although this one seems in the mood to invade Belgium. 


Anonymous said...

Agreed, I have just send an email of complaint to Jimmy Stone at the Valley to express my feelings. Chirs Powell need some backing not the rug pulled out from under him!

Anonymous said...

The fire sale has begun!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a very good feeling about this and I'm a Bournemouth supporter with no special interest in Charlton.
We are fairly desperate for forward power but "Kermit" sounds as though he duplicates Lewis Grabban who has just rejected Brighton and signed (another) new contract with us. Then again, 400k sounds like a good deal. What a mess.

As to Rhoys Wiggins, the manner of his leaving makes him unwelcome at Dean Court, as those who came down for the opening day of the season may have noticed. Josh McQuoid left under similar circumstances half a season earlier and he was accepted back so all is not lost for RW.

Anonymous said...

Complete stupidity. League1 here we come!

Blackheath Addicted said...

No disrespect at all intended to Bournemouth, but when reports of a bid for Kermorgant surfaced I certainly thought it was just a bit of opportunism with no chance of success.

He's a very intelligent front man, able to pick out runners with passes and flicks. He scores his fair share, including free-kicks around the area, and has a presence. He has been a lynchpin for us for the past two seasons (and if you still have to play Leicester he's guaranteed to score against them).

Wiggins had an iffy start to this season but otherwise has been consistently excellent since joining us.

For us to sell either of them, as others have commented, makes no sense. But obviously it seems to to our new owner.

If I was another Championship team I'd bid very low for anything that moves at Charlton as it seems we're open to offers for anyone, from all quarters.

Anonymous said...

Having supported Charlton since the early 60's not Gliksten, Marman, Cheif Nazribe, SLater and Jimenez have an evident lack of knowledge like Roland is showing...Sell Kermorgant and we will be relegated
you are ripping the sould out of the team and the support.
MURRAY WTF are you doing ????

Blackheath Addicted said...

Anon, I wish I shared your confidence in these actions being born out of lack of knowledge. I find it more worrying to think that they are part of a plan, one that does not have the best interests of CAFC at its heart. I hope I'm wrong.

Charlton Scrapbook said...

We've only had one decent striker all this season and that's the main reason we are where we are. To sell that striker now, is just utter stupidity. Relegation will certainly follow, and that will cost us more than £500K!
Chris Powell's days are obviously also numbered. These are very dark days for CAFC

Anonymous said...

afcb here again.
This is about reducing wages. We (Bournemouth) made a bid for Matt Ritchie at Swindon every transfer window for a couple of years, I was amazed when one was finally accepted - 6 months after a higher bid had been rejected. A few years ago we picked up Liam Feeney (now Millwall) and Jason Robinson (Huddersfield?) from non-league sides desperate to avoid administration. Us buying Ritchie also solved another of Swindon's problems, Wacko die Canio resigned which saved them far more money.

My guess is that Sir Chris is paying over the odds for the players and that the club can no longer afford it. The situation is sufficiently bad that even relegation is considered a lesser evil.

At the moment we have an owner with very deep pockets, but we have been in a mess like this before (after 'Arry Redknapp) and probably will be again.

Best of luck staying up, or more likely, coming back up again. You are far too big for League 1, as are Portsmouth, Wolves, Sheffield Utd.

Blackheath Addicted said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts AFCB. It's tough for us to take as after seven years of failure (two relegations and not bouncing back), with all the financial strains that go with that (beginning with trying to adjust after the Premiership), we were bought out, had a Charlton legend installed as new manager, he puts together a new team that romped away with League One, and we hold our own in the Championship last season. Onwards and upwards it finally felt.

Then owners' money dries up, uncertainty over players' contracts (and crazily the manager's), we get sold on. We hoped for a brave new era but selling our best players and drafting in players from our new owner's other clubs risks undermining what has been our biggest strength in the past couple of years, the team spirit and character.

Anonymous said...

I hope i'm wrong, but it's beginning to look as though our new owner is a Palace fan. Dowie in for Powell?

Anonymous said...

I'd guess the Belgian doesn't want commit to Powell after next Summer, and is prepared to let one of best players go over it, with one of our best current performers going to Brighton. Absolute suicide - what a dickhead Roland is, I think we need to turn up for the Brum game and make our feelings known.

Pembury Addick

Boneyboy said...

TinTinometer down to minus 11

Blackheath Addicted said...

I am indeed obliged to put the rating under review for a possible downgrade as they say. The signing of Messi before the window closes could head off such action.