Thursday 17 April 2014

There Is Still Hope

It seems that after all there is still hope that the end of the season will see some reversion towards normality rather than an extension of prevailing distortions. I don’t mean just our winning the final five and Millwall getting relegated, which are givens. Apparently (according to the BBC site) Cardiff are alleging that Palace ‘cheated’ with respect to alleged efforts to get their starting line-up before their game in April and are calling for the Premier League to take ‘serious action’.

Now I’m not privy to the details, or the truth of the matter; but it seems obvious that a 10- or 20-point deduction should be the end result. It is after all written into the statutes of the Premier League that Palace will never survive in the top flight. Enforcing this without some due cause might be problematic, so this seems to be an ideal opportunity for the Premiership to demonstrate that it takes its responsibilities seriously.

As for our laudable call to turn The Valley into a sea of red for the Bolton game, through supporters turning up wearing current or retro home tops or ‘any items of clothing which are predominantly red’, I will ensure that my partner Suzanne is suitably attired. As for me, well I do have a ‘Chris Powell Charlton and England’ T-shirt, but it is predominantly white and I’m not entirely sure that’s what the club has in mind. My first Charlton kit was the white with red shoulders, so that doesn’t fit the bill (which is another way of glossing over the fact that I could barely stretch it enough to get my head through now). I will comply, for now. 


Anonymous said...

What's the point of fans going to these lengths when the board and management are committed to getting us relegated.

Burgundy Addick said...

Well Anon, because a number of the players are still playing their hearts out and they deserve backing, whatever happens to them (and us). After all, if it all goes pear-shaped it's only us that will really cry.

Did see the club has just flagged a car boot sale at The Valley in late June. Might be another Duchatalet means of selling a few more.

Still haven't decided whether to cast my player of the year vote for Morrison (with Wilson a worthy second) or for Kermorgant. Feel it will be the latter.

Dave said...

Anon - yeah, let's all give up eh. I'm as pissed off as you but we need some fight.