Friday, 27 February 2015

The Real Reason For Regret

All of us have our general and particular reasons for penning thoroughly deserved tributes to Sir Chris ahead of tomorrow's reunion (and no, the tributes aren't going to affect what we hope happens on the pitch). Unlike Chicago Addick, who seems to have holidayed with him, I can't say I ever really met the guy, unless you include shaking his hand (and Keith Jones') at the bash in town to celebrate the Championship title. But perhaps there's one personal reason over and above all the others regarding his departure that still causes me sorrow and regret.

If Powell had remained our manager and led us to inevitable Champions League glory, I might have been able to get a bucketload on ebay for the (by then vintage) signed photo of him walking out of the tunnel which I bought on a club auction. So Chris, spare a thought for me and let me live in the hope of salvaging something from my investment, just don't sign anything (except contract extensions) from now on. 

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