Monday, 29 February 2016

Sint-Truiden 20 For Supporter Of The Year?

I'd of course like to belatedly add my congratulations to the Sint-Truiden 20 for a well-conceived and well-executed protest. Good, positive coverage both sides of the Channel. I'd only point out that the Football League is now inviting nominations for the Capital One Supporter of the YearWhy don't we vote for Joe Read (or any one of the 20) and encourage disgruntled fans of other clubs to back him too, as a representative of fans that care in the face of owners that don't?

The Football League statement calling for nominations suggests someone who has "gone above and beyond the call of duty and added that extra special bit of devotion to their club". Rather than the gong going to the usual (entirely laudable) fan who's got up two hours before he went to bed to crawl the length of the country for every home and away game, we could galvanise a vote in favour of a fan who demonstrates devotion to his club by not simply accepting that fans have no role to play other than paying their money and cheering.

I was going to do the necessary myself, but the website does say that it will be important in determining which nominees are shortlisted (the closing date for nominations being 9 March) that as much information as possible is given about the supporter (how long a fan etc). Perhaps if it's not already been done someone who can answer the questions can nominate Joe. 


Dave said...

Good shout for Joe. Great to see a teenager playing a leading role in the CARD in such an imaginative and energetic way.

a2c said...

There aint nothin good abahrt it, I would've ad them banned from our gaff for bringin the club into dissrepute if I was runnin it.

Marco. said...

Great idea to nominate Joe.
I'd vote for him and I'm sure many others would too.
One of the few positives to come from this whole Roland Duchatelet debacle is fans of all ages, coming together for a common purpose.
There'll always be a few naysayers but nobody can deny it's the Roland apologists who now form a very close knit '2%'
The 'Against Modern Football' feeling is one that supporters of many clubs share.
If we could get the voting for Joe (or whoever) as a focal point for this attitude then supporters of other clubs would surely vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I think a2c might be Katrien in disguise

Blackheath Addicted said...

Given that a2c's comments are by now entirely predictable, if unintelligible (OK not quite unintelligible but life's too short to bother to try), not sure it would be much of a disguise. But we shouldn't pretend that there aren't genuine, sincere Addicks who are against the protests. Their numbers may be by now modest, but when handing out the 'programmes' before Saturday's game one guy told me in no uncertain terms to eff off (he may of course simply not like me).

Lungrot said...

Yes, now that we've become the laughing stock of SE London and the most pitied club in the country it is hard to believe that some people are still against the protests. It's good, however, to hear their views, which is why it's a shame that a2c has to write using that mockney language which nobody can take seriously. A friend of mine (who supports Chelsea) stayed behind after the game on Saturday to witness the protests and said that he could take the protest more seriously if there wasn't as much use of the 'C' word, and I tend to agree with him that the protests should be a little more dignified. On the other hand, if the owner and Miere continue to ignore the voices of so many, then I can only see the actions of CARD getting more extreme.