Saturday 8 January 2022

Signing Out

With a French residency visa, membership of the International Addicks, and a 12-month subscription to Charlton TV for the live streams all in my pocket, I can’t really continue under the title of Blackheath Addick. I am now living in France and plan to remain here – here being at present a mix of Lyon and our new place in Givry, Burgundy - for the foreseeable future. Consequently, while signing off from this space, there is a fresh incarnation, Burgundy Addick, which I hope others will look at from time to time -

One of the sadder tasks making the move was to scale down the Charlton memorabilia (inc programmes of course), to fit into an acceptable (to my partner Suzanne) shrine in the new place. In that I am indebted to the Charlton Museum. And when Ben came around to take a look he noticed the photo of me as a nipper on the pitch, the one in the photo on the blog, and wondered if the shirt still existed. It did – and I could hardly refuse.

Perhaps I always knew that my shirt would one day hang proudly at The Valley. I had of course for most of my life assumed that this would be the result of my outstanding career as Charlton’s finest ever centre-forward. As the chances of that scenario tended to reduce through my thirties and forties, thoughts turned to having to buy the club in order to achieve my goal (one essential condition of the purchase being that I would make one sub appearance to get my name in the record books). That scenario too is looking less likely now. I should have known all along that the shirt was always there, just waiting for the Museum to take it away and put it on display. I could not wish for a better place for it.


Chicago Addick said...

The best of luck in France BA. I look forward to your regular updates on CAFC and local Pinot’s.

Loving the shirt story.

Best wishes,

Burgundy Addick said...

Thanks CA! And best wishes for the new year!

Vince said...

Look forward to reading the reports. The live streams are good except you don't have anyone behind you shouting "f*** off you bald c***" at the linesman every five minutes (unless Suzanne decides to take that up of course.)

Burgundy Addick said...

Ah Vince, thanks for reminding me of the joys of the real thing. I like the idea of Suzanne providing the authentic experience, although I suspect she will decline - and she would have to put a few pillows up her jumper and shave off her hair to be more convincing.