Tuesday 4 January 2011

Parky Gone; What's The Sub-Plot?

Life’s a bitch. Many’s the time I’ve tried to stay awake for the League show after Match of the Day to bask in a glorious victory and failed miserably. Last night for some reason there was no problem in staying wide awake for more punishment, as well as to hear the rumours of a big bust-up after the game. And after rumours through the morning there’s confirmation on the club site that Parkinson has been sacked, along with Breaker and Kinsella.

According to Slater, “clearly improvement is needed on the field ... recent performances have simply not been good enough” and “last night’s defeat convinced us as a board that change is required now while we are still in the hunt for promotion and that we must appoint a new manager to give us every chance of going up”. The only further comment is that a caretaker management team will be announced “in due course”.

Initial reactions are seldom accurate and perhaps a good deal might come out about post-match exchanges (I did write last night that it was the time for some home truths to be expressed but had no idea they were at the time). And clearly the case for Parkinson to go was strengthened last night. But I have to say I’m deeply sceptical that the new owners, who following the takeover were expressing support for Parkinson, came to some sudden decision as a result of one game, however bad it was. To sack him and say ‘recent performances’ have not been good enough doesn’t sit with taking over and talking about discussing with Parkinson how to strengthen the team etc.

We will only know I guess when the caretaker team is unveiled. If a certain D.Wise is involved I for one would be inclined to conclude that the new owners were just looking for an excuse.


Anonymous said...

Interested in Murray's role under the new set-up as he appears to have been a key supported of Parkinson. To claim no league wins since November as part of the reasoning is a bit feeble considering the postponements - oh yes and who was Manager of the Month in November? Might stop the poisonous atmosphere at the Valley for a few weeks at least - I've started to dislike a significant proportion of our fans - the Parky you're a Jeremy Hunt chant at the Walsall game was possibly an all-time low. At the time I wasn't convinced that PP should have been appointed but he has done OK (6.5 out of 10)with limited resources.

Anonymous said...

Look at the end of the day whatever your stance on Parky , the new people are spending lots of cash just to keep us going and likely to spend a little more to try to get us up . If it were me ( or you or indeed pretty much anyone) you would want someone you trust and possibly even KNOW to manage the investment .
Its not really a reflection on Parky , its a reflection on life and was entirely predictable

Suze said...

Not DW for the interim, but a Charlton legend...now is that trying to keep the faithful onside, before something less desireable or giving everyone a bit of breathing space..
I'm sure the local papers will have their say about events. I understand PP criticized the team for their "lack of desire"...can't say he was wrong there!

Paul T said...

Guess who the overwhelming bookies favorite is, to take over?

Dave said...

BA - It was obvious that Parky needed to demonstrate what he could do and not give them any excuse......no-one to blame bar himself unless the players colluded in getting him the chop, which I don't believe.

Keith H said...

Well I for one am completely appalled at Parky's sacking. I can't imagine anyone coming in and improving on the record we've had so far this season. The team is weaker than last year and the fact that we're seriously flirting with promotion rather than relegation, when my expectations were for mid-table consolidation, is pretty bloody good. If only we could translate our recent away form to The Valley.
Given the resources at his disposal and our league position half way through the season, I think Parkinson has done a marvellous job.
My worry now is that Peacock will preside over a club in a bit of a crisis and a much loved legend may soon hear the wrath of the 'crowd'.
And if D Wise takes any steps towards our dugout... well I've never called for any Charlton manager's head in 25 years, but it will be sorely tempting to tell him what I think of him. And that's before a ball's been kicked. Wise? Come on. This is not the Charlton way.

Rodney's Middle Name said...

Bring back Curbs! He knows the club and how to manage effectively on a budget. We don't need someone coming in with the intention of 'doing it his way' (like Dowie) and seriously disrupting a squad that just needs a bit of tinkering and motivating to get us out of Div 3.