Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New Away Kit: What Are They On?

Hopefully the powers that be will take on board what seems to be universal opposition to the rumoured new away strip and come up with something else. The combination was tried in the past and was unpopular then; times may change but not to that extent. Not our colours and no prospect of wanting to wear such a strip at any time other than an away game.

If the object is to sell more club merchandise the choice of away strip should be guided by a colour combination that could convert into items that you might conceivably wear more often. Red is our colour, but the result is that the home shirt only gets taken out every other Saturday. As a result, although the replica design and/or sponsors change, I only buy a new one when the old one is falling apart. With an away kit range there is the opportunity to make available something rather less socially compromising. If the rumours are correct they've managed to create something that I would cringe at putting on every other week.

As moaning is back in vogue (stripped of anything else to write about), am I the only person who would favour a new club badge? There is no real tradition in the one we have: it is a remnant of a failed attempt to convert us to being 'The Valiants'. It is unimaginative and when reproduced on ties etc looks like we've joined some secret neo-Nazi brotherhood.

I realise it costs money to change and this might not be the right time to be offering bucketloads to the company that came up with the 2012 Olympics logo (or some other bunch of airheads) to come up with something. But I'd like to see a process of preparation and suggestions through the coming season and to celebrate our return to the premiership with a new club emblem.


Wyn Grant said...

You have a point about the badge.

Hilltothevalley said...

I'm probably a minority, but i have always liked the idea of a weird away kit, my favourite was the, predominantly, green and white hoops, so I'm well in favour of the new shirt, although I'll only buy it when it comes to the end of its life and they start knocking it out for £14 like the old one. Another away kit that I liked, non charlton, was Chelsea's bright orange version, now if we all had kits like that there would be no need for floodlights and think of the positive effect of global warming.

Again I like the sword and we need to be careful of making changes to the badge, look what happened to Fulham, moving from a great crest to a nondescript so called modern logo, nop character, no tradition.

New York Addick said...

I first became obsessed with Charlton in the early 1980s when our away kits were predominantly yellow, so that has always been my preference.

It is also a colour we seem to have had considerable success in, our 1999/2000 Championship winning season for example.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the away kit: strange to me, for sure, but as someone who only just remembers the return to the valley in 1992 (I was 6 years old and my dad was a major cafc fan), I think the badge comment is a little harsh - though to be fair it is the only badge I've ever seen on a charlton shirt when they've played football, so I may be biased. How about a compromise: the return of the Robin, with the sword as the background?