Friday, 29 June 2007

Stop This Luvvying Now

If I see another Darren Bent tribute something's going to go through the window (that's the problem with the internet, you can't burn it/rip it up when having a good hissy fit). We paid too much for him, he was rubbish from the start, overrated, and is probably crocked. Spurs have bought a pup. If he ever plays back at The Valley I'll be out of my seat howling derision.

Is this post anything to do with an end-of-season wine and curry extravaganza with other Addicks last night, and the fact that living inside my head today is not very comfortable? Even the time-honoured cure of a toasted bacon and egg sandwich failed to work. I think half of my remaining brain cells disappeared in a fug of red wine; I'm going to give names to those that remain.

Good luck to Bryan Hughes. It wasn't his fault he wasn't good enough for the premiership. He always tried his best and there were some good moments. Obviously the Chelsea penalty shoot-out but for me it was the late, late goal against Villa. I was in Madrid for new year (my partner had some travel and accommodation vouchers) and happened to pass a pub advertising live football. Went in and there, on a very big screen, was the game, with 15 minutes left. The bar was almost deserted and those that were there looked on in amazement as an Englishman went noisily beserk as Hughes stooped to head past Kiraly.

I'm glad to see that Earnshaw has gone to Derby, ending any possibility of us being involved. There's no doubt that he's a good player, but I think he's as good as he's going to get - and believes he is better than he is. Hope the rumour about us going for Jason Roberts is true though. I always felt he was one that got away.

Now, does that sound a little more sane?

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Lungrot said...

Good curry last night. Checked my e-mail afterwards and was definately directed straight to the restaurant (never mind). Hope you hangover's alright now. Good luck to Hughes, but glad the club have seen sense and let him go.