Thursday 14 June 2007

Where Are They Now: Kim Grant

Anybody else see the Reuters report picked up by The Guardian: Singapore club sack English striker for swearing. Seems 34-year-old Kim Grant was "shown the door" by Geylang United (he has lodged a complaint with Fifa and the Singapore FA) for "indiscipline", the crime apparently that he swore in front of other players and staff.

Was this the result of some passionate disagreement over tactics or disappointment at results? Nah, seems it was about Grant's home leave entitlement. Nice to see he's grown up then. Bless.

Don't suppose we can shed a few of the remaining high-earners by sparking a row over their Christmas leave?

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ChicagoAddick said...

I saw that - had to laugh. Kim Grant the 80's version of Kevin Lisbie.